Professor John Kelly research bladder, prostate and penile cancer


Professor John Kelly and Dr Andy Feber - researching bladder cancer, prostate cancer, penile cancer

The Kelly:Feber Lab is one of the UK’s leading research groups discovering new ways to detect, diagnose and treat urological cancer (bladder cancer, prostate cancer and penile cancer).

Based at the UCL Cancer Institute and UCLH in the heart of London, we combine high quality scientific research with clinical trials in hospital. We identify biomarkers which can be used to improve cancer detection and diagnosis. This allows us to better select the right treatments and improve outcomes for patients.

By developing new tests for clinical use, we are translating pioneering laboratory findings into benefits for patients as quickly as possible. Patients taking part in our clinical trials will be among the first to benefit from cutting edge technologies such as robotic surgery and the breakthroughs including hyperthermia made by our scientists, doctors and surgeons.

The team is led by Professor John Kelly, consultant urological surgeon, and Dr Andy Feber, senior research associate.