Dr Andy Feber is Senior Lecturer in the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at UCL, and leads the genomics research within the Kelly:Feber Lab. Utilising the latest technologies, the aim of Dr Feber’s research is to define the genomic and epigenomic alterations involved in cancer development and progression and how these alterations can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Dr Feber completed his BSc degree at the University of Newcastle. In 2001, he joined the Institute of Cancer Research, for his PhD with Professor Colin Cooper, investigating the genomic alterations associated with the development and progression of urological cancers.
In 2005, Dr Feber joined the laboratory of Dr Tony Godfrey at Mount Sinai Medical School, New York, to start his postdoctoral training, working on the integration of high resolution genomic copy number, gene expression and miRNA expression data in oesophageal and lung cancer. In 2008, returned to the UK to join the laboratory of Professor Stephan Beck, at the UCL Cancer Institute, to investigate the role of epigenetic alterations in the development and progression of cancer.
In 2011, Dr Feber joined Professor John Kelly to develop the Kelly:Feber Lab at UCL, to develop a translational research program around the diagnosis and treatment of urological cancers.