CALIBER (bladder cancer)

CALIBER is a phase II trial looking at different ways of treating early stage bladder cancer that has come back after treatment. It is comparing surgery with a type of chemotherapy called mitomycin C. It is for people with the most common type of bladder cancer called transitional cell cancer.

Bladder cancer that hasn’t grown into the muscle wall (early bladder cancer) is usually treated with surgery. This may be followed by a type of chemotherapy called mitomycin C. You have a single treatment of chemotherapy into the bladder. This is called intravesical treatment. But sometimes bladder cancer can come back and you may need to have more surgery.

Researchers think that mitomycin C could be a useful treatment for low risk bladder tumours that have come back, without the need for surgery. But we aren’t sure yet how well it will work. So in this trial, we are comparing mitomycin C with surgery as treatment for bladder cancer that has come back.


The aims of this trial are to find out:

  • If mitomycin C alone is a useful treatment to control cancer growth

  • More about the side effects and how  treatment affects quality of life

Read more about CALIBER at Cancer Research UK.