The HYMN trial was a Phase III trial evaluating hyperthermic mitomycin in patients with a recurrence of bladder cancer after BCG therapy. The trial recruited patients across 10 UK sites and is now completed. We hope to publish the results of HYMN in the very near future and will post an update here.

The BOXIT trial compared standard treatment and celecoxib (an anti-inflammatory drug) with standard treatment alone for bladder cancer. Celecoxib is a type of drug called a COX-2 inhibitor. COX-2 inhibitors block the action of a protein that may help cancer cells to grow.

We recruited patients with a very early type of bladder cancer called superficial transitional cell bladder cancer. This trial was supported by Cancer Research UK.

This study compared traditional open cystectomy surgery (removal of the bladder) with keyhole surgery, or robotic surgery, for bladder cancer.

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