HIVEC-II (bladder cancer)

This trial is looking at mitomycin C (a chemotherapy drug) alongside a new treatment called hyperthermia for people with early stage bladder cancer. It is for people with newly diagnosed bladder cancer or bladder cancer that has come back after initial treatment.

We are investigating whether a new urine test called UroMark can detect bladder cancer in patients who are being investigated for haematuria (blood in the urine).

UroMark is currently in the development stage and early results indicate that it can detect bladder cancer with a high degree of certainty. The test detects changes in the DNA of cells which are present in urine. Changes in DNA, called mutations or epigenetic alterations, are present in cells collected from a urine sample if cancer is present. We would like to understand if the UroMark test can detect bladder cancer.

DETECT II will validate the accuracy of the Uromark test in patients with all types of bladder cancer (stage and grade) and in especially low grade  bladder cancer. Our aim is to show that the test has enough accuracy to detect all bladder cancers. 

We think that incorporating this very sensitive and specific test will change the way that bladder cancer is diagnosed in hospitals everywhere.

CALIBER is a phase II trial looking at different ways of treating early stage bladder cancer that has come back after treatment. It is comparing surgery with a type of chemotherapy called mitomycin C. It is for people with the most common type of bladder cancer called transitional cell cancer.

This trial is comparing a white light with a blue light during surgery for people who have been recently diagnosed with early bladder cancer.

In this trial we want to test using a blue light during surgery alongside a liquid that is put into the bladder. The liquid is absorbed by the cancer cells and glows red under the blue light. This may help us to see the areas of cancer more clearly and remove it.

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