HIVEC-II (bladder cancer)

This trial is looking at mitomycin C (a chemotherapy drug) alongside a new treatment called hyperthermia for people with early stage bladder cancer. It is for people with newly diagnosed bladder cancer or bladder cancer that has come back after initial treatment.

Early bladder cancer is usually treated with surgery and a chemotherapy drug called mitomycin C. You have the chemotherapy directly into the bladder. This is called intravesical treatment. But sometimes the cancer can come back. So doctors want to improve treatment for people in this situation.

Hyperthermia is a new treatment that involves treating the bladder with heated chemotherapy. A device heats the mitomycin C to between 42° and 44° degrees centigrade and the chemotherapy is washed through the bladder.

In this trial we are comparing hyperthermia and mitomycin C with mitomycin C alone. The aim of this trial is to find out:


  • If Hyperthermic mitomycin is better at controlling cancer growth

  • To understand more about the side effects of hyperthermia and standard mitomycin

  • How the treatment affects quality of life

We are also collecting urine samples which patients provide during their follow-up. Our lab has developed a novel test for bladder cancer (called UroMark) that we are testing to understand if it can detect recurrence of bladder cancer.

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