PHOTO (bladder cancer)

This trial is comparing a white light with a blue light during surgery for people who have been recently diagnosed with early bladder cancer.

Early bladder cancer is usually treated with surgery to remove the tumours. This surgery is called a transurethral resection of bladder tumour or TURBT. The surgeon looks inside the bladder using a telescope called a cystoscope. They shine a white light through the telescope to see the cancer and remove it.

In this trial we want to test using a blue light during surgery alongside a liquid that is put into the bladder. The liquid is absorbed by the cancer cells and glows red under the blue light. This may help us to see the areas of cancer more clearly and remove it.

The aim of the trial is to compare the blue light with the standard white light to find out which is better at showing up areas of cancer in the bladder.
You may not get any direct benefit from taking part in this trial, but it may help people with early bladder cancer in the future.

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